ICAgile Certified Professional in Business Agility Foundations

Learn Agile Foundations, Complexity Thinking, Customer-Centric Concepts and Agile Leadership Skills in four training sessions and earn your ICAgile Certification

What is Business Agility?

Business Agility is the capability of an organization to rapidly adapt to market and environmental changes and create and leverage customer value in productive and cost-effective ways. Your customer could be a paying client (of a private organization), a citizen (for a public sector organization), or an abstraction like ‘climate’ (for a Non-Profit Organization). In case of ‘internal’ customers like another division, you must keep the end customer in mind.

Why is Business Agility relevant for you?

Today’s markets and environment are complex, unpredictable and changing faster than ever before. The threat of disruption for instance, is increasing with the trend of decreasing barriers to entry. 

In addition, digital transformation is taking place in many organizations. While digital technologies have provided many benefits for the workforce, new modern challenges have emerged. For example, people conflict, communication breakdown and general tension have increased throughout large and small organizations. 

Many organizations, however, are just playing catch-up and are experiencing that a traditional mindset and practices that worked well in the past do not necessarily still apply. 

In conclusion, today’s business requires a paradigm shift from the traditional approaches to our business challenges towards Business Agility. 

For software development teams, it is likely that Agile methods, such as Scrum or Kanban, have already been adopted. But the challenge is to adopt an Agile Mindset and Agile practices in the whole organization and not only in software teams. Each value delivery process that has a high level of ambiguity and low cost of change can profit from Agile. 

How can this training help you and your Organization?

This Business Agility Foundations training helps leaders, managers and professionals understand Business Agility and Agile ways of working. 

Customer value delivery is at the core of Business Agility. Therefore, you will learn more about true Customer-centricity and how it can provide a foundation for improving operations and performance. 

You will also gain insight in how Agile practices support the innovation process from exploration and effectiveness to exploitation and efficiency. In group activities you will work with Agile practices to develop a better customer understanding and empathy. 

Finally, you will learn what is expected from an Agile leader and how Lean Change Methods can help you developing an Agile organization. 

Who should attend?

This training in Business Agility is relevant for

  • Leaders, Managers, Business Owners
  • Consultants, Coaches and Senior Professionals across all industries
  • Agile Practitioners interested in Agile from a Business Perspective

With functions in

  • Finance
  • Strategy
  • Human Resources
  • Operations
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Product Innovation
  • IT 

And working in all kind of Organization Types, e.g., Corporate, Government, Academic, Non-profit.

This training will provide a balanced learning experience of both theoretical Agile knowledge and implementable Agile practices.

Prerequisite Knowledge and Skills

This is a foundational training, meaning that no prior knowledge or certifications are required. However, having some experience with product development, leadership or management (in any role) will make attendance easier.

Program training workshop

  • The fundamentals of the Agile mindset and Agile ways of working
  • The required individual Agile characteristics to deliver value: a growth mindset, taking ownership and accountability
  • Agile leadership to develop an Agile Organization
  • Decision making frameworks for complex environments and unsolvable problems
  • Change Management Techniques to support the Agile Transformation process
  • Customer centricity and co-creation methodologies, including Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Story Mapping
  • The operational aspects of Agile (structures, processes and scaling)
    • Kanban to increase transparency, focus, productivity, predictability and quality
    • Scrum to manage activities, increase team effectivity and deliver value faster
    • Scrumban (a combination of Scrum and Kanban)


Registration ICAgile Business Agility Foundations 2021

Business Agility Foundations ICP-BAF | January 2021

  • Live Online
  • January 20, 21, 27, 28 
  • 14.00 – 17.30 (CET)
  • Price: € 1195 (excl. VAT)

Business Agility Foundations ICP-BAF | March 2021

  • Live Online 
  • March 23,  24, 30, 31
  • 14.00 – 17.30 (CET)
  • Price: € 1195 (excl. VAT)

Training Details
  • 14 hours live online training with Kaboel Karso & Guido Liem
  • 4 days: 3.5 hours/ day
  • Schedule can be customized for in-house training
  • Interactive group sessions with your peers. Participants will experience individual exercises and group learning activities.
  • Including registration ICAgile Certified Professional
  • Access to training material downloads and Miro Activity Templates to use with your colleagues and teams
ICAgile International Consortium for Agile
  • This course is accredited by the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile), the largest accreditation and certification body for Agile education.
  • ICAgile-accredited courses focus on delivering knowledge and skills that combine “being agile” with “doing agile.”
  • Participants who successfully complete this course will be awarded the ICAgile Certified Professional – Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) certification.
ICP-BAF Business Agility Foundations
Questions about this training?
Business Agility Foundations - 2021
Business Agility Academy
Keizersgracht 127 - Amsterdam
Guido Liem
Kaboel Karso

Program training workshop

  • Agile and Business Agility
  • Agile Mindset, Agile Values and Principles
  • The historical context and critical drivers for Business Agility
  • Complexity Thinking & Cynefin
  • Unsolvable Problems – Polarity Management
  • Managing Bias

Agile is a Mindset by ICAgile

  • Customer-centricity as a foundation for improving operations and performance
  • Lean Values & Principles
  • Practices to develop better customer understanding and empathy including Design Thinking, Lean Startup, User Story Mapping, and others
  • The operational aspects of Agile (structures, processes and scaling)
  • Kanban to increase transparency, focus, productivity, predictability, and quality
  • Scrum to manage activities, increase team effectivity and deliver value faster

  • Modern Organizations
  • Agile Leadership
  • Goal Setting with OKRs (Objectives and Key Results)
  • Self-Organizing and Cross-Functional Teams
  • Knowledge to develop your team’s ability, competency, dynamics and resilience to thrive in the VUCA environment through use of Agile team development methods

The Agile Mindset


  • Understand and practice with Change Management Frameworks like The Lean Change Method, which combines the Kotter 8-Steps, Lean Startup and Kanban
  • The concept of Minimum Viable Changes and use of transparent practices help to deal with the uncertainty around major changes

The Elephant and the Rider

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