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Being and doing agile is a continuous journey. You’re never really done with Agile. Participating in a training or workshop, sharing knowledge with peers, applying agile ways of working, self-study and reading articles are all part of it. On this page we share recommended readings, tools & practices. Feel free to share your suggestions with us.


The top 10 skills of 2025

In the next five years half of us need to reskill, because of the double disruption of the pandemic and increasing automation transforming jobs. That’s according to the 3rd edition of the Future of Jobs report. Critial thinking and problem solving top the list of skills. Newly emerging are skills

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When to apply Agile?

In our training classes we start with the drivers and criticality for business agility. We discuss for example today’s reality of a Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. But what is complexity and how to deal with it? This is where the Cynefin framework pops up as a decision making tool

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